SRO Active Shooter Response

The National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) in cooperation with Tactical Defense Institute (TDI) is pleased to present “SRO Active Shooter Response” course.

This is an intensive three day hands-on course which focuses specifically on a one and/or two officer response to an active shooter or random violent incident on a school campus. NASRO and TDI instructors presenting the course are all certified firearms instructors with several years of tactical experience.

The techniques presented in this course could also be utilized in active shooter incidents that might occur in other locations such as shopping centers or other places of business.


Who Should Attend

Officers attending this course need to be in reasonably good physical condition as the course will involve a great deal of physical activity.

Course Outline

Day One
Classroom presentation to include:Preparation for International and Domestic Terrorism
Psychology of the Active Shooter
History of Active Shooters in the School Environment
The Mission-Oriented Shooter

Day Two and Three The last two days of the course will involve realistic scenarios in a school facility. Attendees will gain experience in one and two officer responses to specific scenarios. Tactical movement and entry techniques will be stressed.

Gas powered Air-Soft handguns will be used in these scenarios and protective equipment will be provided.