School CPTED

CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) uses design, management, and activity strategies to reduce opportunities for crime to occur, to reduce fear and to improve overall safety of schools. The CPTED concept emphasizes the relationship of the physical environment, the productive use of space, and the behavior of people. Upon completion of this 24-hour course, successful completion of a written test is required to obtain a course certificate.  The course will include a hands-on CPTED evaluation of a school, and attendees will be provided with tools to use on their school campus or in their associated activities with school safety.

The course goals are:

o    Develop expertise in the practice of school CPTED

o    Develop a common language and understanding of School CPTED for enhanced communications with other professionals and practitioners.

o    Develop expertise in the use of the Centers for Disease Control CPTED School Assessment (CSA)

o    Meet the prerequisite for NASRO School CPTED Practitioner Certification

 Who Should Attend:

o    School Resource Officers

o    School Administrators

o    School Facilities Staff

o    District Administrators

o    Architects and Facility Planners


Education Credits

POST Credits where applicable

 AIA CEU’s can be made available with a local AIA host