Take online threats seriously but avoid constant disruptions — NASRO to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

School districts have to find a balance when threats to school safety appear online, NASRO executive director Mo Canady told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The newspaper’s story covers a hoax threat against “MHS” that a juvenile in Virginia allegedly posted online and that went viral, affecting school systems throughout the nation. At least one system — near Pittsburgh — canceled classes for all schools because of the threat.

Screen capture of a social media post that threatened

Screen capture of a social media post that threatened “MHS”

Canady told the newspaper that every threat needs to be taken seriously, but school officials also don’t want to allow such disruption to the school day to become a regular occurrence. And even if previous threats have been unsubstantiated, officials still need to thoroughly investigate each one they come across.

“It’s a very difficult call,” Canady said. “If you get it wrong one way or the other, it’s a bad day.”

Canady also shared some examples of ways officials can gauge the credibility of such threats.

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