NASRO Practitioners

The National SRO Practitioner program was established as a way for NASRO, police agencies, and school districts to recognize officers, who have excelled in the area of school based policing. The program seeks to distinguish those officers, who are committed to serving our nation’s youth, along with the communities and schools they serve.

To obtain the status of National SRO Practitioner, officers must meet certain requirements set forth by NASRO. Upon successful completion of these requirements, the officer will be recognized at the annual National SRO Conference, receive a National SRO Practitioner uniform pin, a certificate, and letter of commendation from the Association. The National SRO Practitioner Certificate gives credit to those officers who have attended NASRO training, shown a commitment to school based policing, and have shown leadership in this specialized field of law enforcement.

Practitioner Qualifications:

School Resource Officer for a minimum of three years
Complete a NASRO approved 40-hour Basic School Resource Officer training course*
Complete a NASRO approved 24-hour Advanced SRO or Supervisor training course
Additional 160 hours of specialized police in-service training
Attend at least one National SRO Conference
Complete and submit a formal application along with attached supporting documentation of all training attended

*A team of veteran school resource officers has carefully reviewed the training criteria set forth by NASRO. The Association also recognizes training from the following institutes:

Any course(s) sponsored or co-sponsored by the National Association of School Resource Officers, (NASRO)
IPTM (Institute of Police Technology and Management) prior to 1999
Florida Attorney General’s Office. Tallahassee, FL
NASRO has established the Comparative Compliance Symposium in which we recognize there exists a demand for the Practitioner certificate by those members who have attended a 40-hour Basic by a training provider other than NASRO. Please visit the Comparative Compliance section, if your 40-hour Basic Course is not listed above and you are working towards the National SRO Practitioner Certificate.

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