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BIO:  Matt Liston has been with the Derby Kansas Police Department since 1992.  Prior to that he served as a United States Marine.  Matt was the first SRO for his department in 1996 and is currently the supervisor of the department’s SRO unit.  Matt was one of the founding members of the Kansas Association of School Resource Officers (now the Kansas Juvenile Officers Association) and served as Vice-President and President.  He is a guest firearms instructor at the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center and is his department’s Ranger Master and holds sub-gun operator and sub-gun instructor certification.  Matt is also a 23-year veteran of his department’s tactical team and is the assistant team leader.  Matt is also still currently teaching DARE.

Matt has been a NASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers) Instructor and Practitioner since 1998.  Matt also served two terms on the board of directors for NASRO from 2006 – 2010.  Matt has also been an instructor for NASRO since 1998.  Matt also teaches for the National Center for Spectator Sports and Security NCS4.

Matt has also served as President of the Derby Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #16.  Matt spends time coaching and working with kids as the President of Derby Junior Football league.  He is married to his wife Dara and has three boys Tyson, Colby and Reid.

CAMPAIGN PLATFORM:  My platform is simple:  Loyalty

As I did in my two terms as Region 8 Director, I will put members first.  My loyalty is to the NASRO membership, “if you take care of the membership, the organization will grow.”  I will use my training and experience as an SRO Supervisor, former FOP President, founder of the Kansas Association of School Resource Officers (KSJOA) and President of a junior football club (280 players per year) to grow the membership of NASRO.

My second loyalty is to NASRO.  I have never had any loyalties or friendships with any organization or persons that compete with NASRO.  I have been a dedicated NASRO member since 1997, a practitioner, and an instructor.  I have never strayed from NASRO or attempted to compete with NASRO in anyway.  I know for certainty that NASRO is the best SRO training organization in the world.  Therefore, it would be an honor to receive your vote this election and be a voice on the NASRO executive board.