Manny began his law enforcement career in 2001, serving in his home State of New Hampshire. He worked for small agencies and served in the capacity of patrol officer and juvenile officer. Additionally, he was responsible for coordinating background investigations on new hires, as well as conducting physical fitness agility testing for all officers to meet NHPSTC Standards.

In April of 2008, Manny relocated to Cheyenne, Wyoming after being offered a new position with the Cheyenne, Wyoming Police Department. Manny’s career in Cheyenne began in patrol, and he also has served as a crime scene technician and squad leader. In 2011, he transferred into the School Resource Officer specialty assignment. Manny served as an SRO at Johnson Junior High School in Cheyenne from 2011-2016, and then transferred to Cheyenne South High School in April of 2016. Manny serves as the co-chair of the South High School Emergency Management Team and is often asked to speak for various groups of personnel throughout Laramie County School District #1.

Manny obtained his NASRO Practitioner in 2014, and has been very involved with the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). He has attended several NASRO conferences and became a NASRO Instructor in 2015.  Manny is also active in the Wyoming School Resource Officers Association (WYSROA).  In 2014, He was presented the Wyoming SRO of the Year Award.  Further, Manny served as the Conference Chairman for the WYSROA State Conference in 2016, and He served as the Vice President from 2014-2016. In April of 2016, Manny assumed the duties as President of WYSROA.

Manny has been blessed with tremendous success as an SRO; however, his success did not come easily on his own. Manny credits his success because of his NASRO training, his agency’s support of the SRO program, and his other NASRO colleagues from across the country that have helped him be a better SRO. Those who spend time with Manny will quickly discover he has a deep passion for the SRO specialty, which is one of the leading factors to him becoming a NASRO Instructor, and desire to serve as a Regional Director for Region 10.

Manny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in Management, from the University of Phoenix.  Between 2014-2017, Manny served as an Adjunct Instructor at IBMC College in Cheyenne, and currently serves as a driver’s education in-car instructor at Laramie County Community College. Manny enjoys spending time with his two children. For hobbies, Manny loves sports, traveling, going to the gym, and cooking! Those who come to know Manny will quickly establish that He is an avid Boston sports fan, and he has a deep passion for the SRO specialty!


Campaign Platform

  • Work collaboratively with the members and leadership of state associations within the region by being a resource to state organizations to aid in organizational success, and to be a NASRO point of contact for state associations. This networking to be done through meetings, phone calls, e-mails, social media, and newsletters.
  • Create and Utilize a Region 10 Facebook social media account, with the purpose of posting positive stories that involve SRO’s, news-worthy links, photos, and other material that is considered beneficial to anyone who works in a school-based environment.
  • Be a strong representative of NASRO by attending State Conferences when able to do so, speaking on behalf of the training that NASRO provides, and promoting the importance of SRO’s within our school districts.
  • Assist board members of state associations with specific needs, and to communicate regularly on ways our national organization can be of assistance, and if necessary, find resources to assist board members.
  • Promote and increase NASRO membership on a local, state, and national level. In addition to School Resource Officers, I believe that we must find ways to promote, and enhance, educators’ membership to NASRO, and this requires marketing our product of what NASRO is; our vision, mission, and the importance of educators in our organization. Not only at a regional level, but this is an area that I plan to address with, and work with, our NASRO Board to find solutions to.
  • Within our new region, four of the five states have state associations. Utah does not have a state association; however, I want to reach out and begin correspondence and networking with SRO’s in Utah. In doing so, make efforts to assist them in establishing a state association; this being done while continuously being a resource to current state associations.
  • Provide committed, transparent leadership, while working proactively to serve the members of our region. I do not have a personal agenda, and I desire to share the passion for the SRO work throughout our region, and being a valuable resource to the members across Region 10! I will represent your voice; often seeking your input and ideas, and I will honorably represent you on the NASRO board.