Logistics and Helpful Information


27th Annual NASRO School Safety Conference ~ July 23-28, 2016- Washington, D.C.   


Register by click this link.

EARLY BIRD RATE:  Register and pay  by January 5, 2017 for just $450 per person.
Register by May 31, 2017 at $500 for current NASRO members, $550 for non-members.
Register after May 31, 2017 at $575 for current NASRO members and $625 for non-members.


Washington Hilton: $174.00 plus taxes per night

Make your room reservations now!  To secure a room please contact the Washington Hilton at (202) 483-3000.  Reservations must be made by June 23, 2017 or before the group rooms are sold out, so do not delay.  Prevailing rates may apply after this date or when the group rooms are sold out, whichever occurs first.  Room are subject to availability.  Guest are subject to a self-parking fee of $36 per night.

NOTICE: Unauthorized Companies (such as Global Housing Corporation, Exhibitor Housing Services) Soliciting Housing for the 2016 Annual Conference. NASRO has secured a housing block providing convenient and discounted room rates for those who attend our Annual Conference. You may receive solicitation calls from housing groups indicating they are associated with NASRO and/or our 2016 event.They are not affiliated with NASRO.



Unless you are driving from your home to DC, a car is not necessary and can actually be more trouble than it’s worth.  Parking at the hotel is $36 a night (however less expensive parking is available down the street) which adds to the cost of renting a car.  DC’s metro is clean, reliable, and safe.  Please consider navigating the city with either taxis, Uber, or the metro.  For information on how to best navigate the metro visit:  https://washington.org/DC-faqs-for-visitors/how-does-metro-work.  If you are a new Uber customer used code kerriw323ue when setting up your account to save $20 off your first fare.


If you think you cannot afford to attend the 2017 conference or cannot afford to bring the family with you, I invite you to think again.  I encourage you to make the most of being in our Nation’s capital city with the very best training.

If you are coming alone, I hope that you will still find some of my suggestions helpful. “Planning is key and knowledge is power”!  Keep this phrase in mind as you plan your trip for the 2017 NASRO conference.  While you may not be interested in all suggestions, my goal is to enhance your trip by providing you information that will save you money and/or time.  Please feel free to e-mail me at kim.canady@nasro.org, if I can answer any questions for you.

See you in Washington DC!
Kim Canady
Wife of NASRO Executive Director


Packing and Helpful Tips

Remember to pack plenty of sunscreen as well as the aloe lotion! A sunscreen stick works well for faces and shoulders. The conference rooms can sometimes be cool, so packing a light jacket might be useful.

Purchase a daily pill container. Label each compartment and fill with any OTC medicines that your family needs. Suggestions:  Advil, Tums, antihistamines, Pepto-Bismol chewable, decongestants, Dramamine (even if you have never had problems with motion sickness, you may want to pack it for the park rides just in case.), antibiotic ointment, and plenty of Band-Aids.

Want to save money on meals? Purchase breakfast and lunch/sandwich items for your room and try eating out once a day. Stock up on bottled water, soft drinks, and snacks for your room.

If your trip to Washington DC requires an over-night stay while driving, ask if the hotel offers a government rate. Remember you must present your government ID at the time of check-in to receive the discount rate. If possible, pack a small bag with just the essentials to avoid unpacking all of your luggage.

Consider investing in a Frogg Togg or similar product, if you or any family members have difficulty tolerating heat as they are a great way to keep your body temperature down. Remember to avoid wearing dark colors as these will attract heat.  If sightseeing, dress your kids in light, bright colored shirts.  You will find it much easier to spot them at a glance.

Start saving now for the personal expenses.  Create a “vacation jar” and contribute as often as possible. Encourage your kids to complete extra chores or odd jobs in the neighborhood to contribute. It is a good teaching tool as well.  When the kids asked for $2 for candy during checkout at the grocery store, we would remind them that $2 could be put toward our trip, and then we would put the savings in the jar

If your department can’t fully fund your training, then brainstorm.   I know one officer who asked his department to cover the hotel cost, the school board to cover transportation and food, and the PTO to pay the registration. Ask if you could do a “push” for Box Tops for one week with all proceeds collected that week going towards your training. I spoke with an SRO who told me he funds his trip to the national conference every year with a school dance where all proceeds go toward his training. Ask a local business to sponsor your training. Be certain to obtain permission from supervisors and school administrators before conducting any fundraising activities.

*NASRO and its employees are not responsible for any misinformation or any information which may have changed.