Joseph Kozarian – Executive Board Secretary Candidate

Candidate Bio


Joseph Kozarian is a NASRO Member (12 years), Instructor (10 years) and has served as the Region 3 Director (6 years).   Currently he is employed as a School Safety and Security Coordinator and School Resource Officer for the Fox Chapel Area School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Prior to accepting his role at Fox Chapel Area School District, Mr. Kozarian was the Director of School Police and Facilities Management at the Borough of Brentwood School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for 16 years.

During his tenure at Brentwood School District, Mr. Kozarian also served as a Police Officer with the Forward Township Police Department in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania for 13 years.  Mr. Kozarian earned his bachelor’s degree from Point Park University, graduating with academic honors.

Mr. Kozarian is a Certified Physical Security Specialist that he received through the Department of Homeland Security.  He is the founder of Security Assessment & Facility Evaluation (SAFE), which conducts Vulnerability Assessments on schools and other commercial buildings.

Mr. Kozarian has earned the NASRO Regional Exception Service Award, Police Academy Letter of Commendation, County of Allegheny Certificate of Achievement, The Chapel of Four Chaplains Award, Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society, and the NASRO Nick Derzis Safe School Leadership Award.

Campaign Platform

As your secretary, I pledge to champion the cause for keeping school resource officers within school budgets.  I will lobby and promote the value of our membership in schools.  We provide a service and security to those that we serve that, in my opinion, is as important as the curriculum that is taught within our schools.  We provide education, training, protection and security to students, teachers and staff within the buildings that we operate.  We are a valuable legal resource to the administrators and superintendents that we serve.  All of our rank has become a priceless resource to the districts in which we work, and I pledge as your representative to promote your value, professionalism and the necessity for each of us to be maintained in these horrific economic times.

The other area in which I believe to be essential to our profession, and I will assist you in endorsing, is the unrelenting need for training.  Our world is in turmoil.  Our government and armed forces have been forced to intervene and take political stances that are detested by the enemies of our great nation.  The threat of terroristic acts has increased significantly, and we have been warned for several years about the threat of terrorism on our schools.  In this present world climate, we need to be trained and aware of existing intelligence and implement preventative measures to protect the children in our schools.  We need to work with local law enforcement and be certain that we are prepared to protect those of whom we serve.

The national media has also expressed the dangers of bullying, violence in the schools and the negativity of various illegal activities that have occurred in schools.  We need to be continually trained and updated on these trends, so that we can educate and assist our school administrators in making schools safer than they are currently.  We need to take more of a leadership role in our districts, and training is the essential tool for this to transpire.  I will your advocate for training, because I believe that continued training is essential for us to be at our absolute best.

The value of our role in the school and ongoing training cannot be overshadowed by the existing economic trend and budget cuts.  We must present ourselves as the leaders and experts on school safety and school law.  I promise, as your secretary, to promote our profession, defend the value of our work in schools, and lobby for continued training for our membership.  I am proud to be a school resource officer.  I am privileged to be a member of NASRO, and to be numbered with you as professional police officers.  I will be a humble servant to you as your secretary.  I would greatly appreciate your support by casting a vote for Joe.