Deputy James Englert is a 19 year veteran of the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. In his time he has worked in detentions, patrol, and for the last 13 years as a School Resource Officer. In his time as an SRO he has worked in elementary, middle, and for the last 11 years as the SRO at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado.

James holds a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology with a minor in sociology from Metropolitan State College in Denver. He also holds a Masters level certificate from Colorado State University in School/Community Safety.

James sits on two national boards: IPMBA and the “I Love U Guys Foundation”. With IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association), James is responsible for suggesting new products for public safety cyclist. He has also helped implement a new conference format. The I Love U Guys Foundation’s purpose is to further school safety protocols for schools across the county. James has also served on Safe2Tell-National board, helping states such as Colorado implement an anonymous reporting system for school safety.

James is also a NASRO (Nationals Association of School Resource Officers) instructor and Practitioner. He is an IPMBA Instructor and he teaches Alve@25, a teen defensive driving class.

James was instrumental in getting the State of Colorado to approve NASRO as the state’s school resource officer training program for the Colorado Peace Officer Standards and Training.

James has been keynote a speaker at several national school safety conferences such as the Arizona Association of School Resource Officers, The Briefings at Columbine, and The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers.

James is passionate about school safety.  Since his involvement as the first responder to the shooting at Arapahoe High School on December 13, 2013, James has made a commitment to himself and his community to make school as safe as possible. For that incident James received the Medal of Valor from his department and the NASRO National Medal of Valor.


Campaign Platform

My commitment to school safety and quality training for SROs as well as my commitment to NASRO qualifies me to be the Region 10 Director.

My platform is simple…

  • Low cost training in each Region 10 state (Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho)
  • Increased networking for SROs
  • Be the board liaison for the 2022 NASRO Conference in Colorado.

I’d like to see a NASRO training class in each region for SROs that are unable to attend classes in other states.

I would like to implement increased networking for SROs in each region to make it easier for SROs to find resources in their areas and neighboring states. I would also like to implement networking between SROs and School Administrators for improved relations.

For the 2022 conference, as a resident of Denver, I am available to assist in planning and execution.  Colorado is a state of innovation in the school safety field and having the conference in Denver is a natural fit.

I have over 13 years of experience as an SRO and have numerous connections with SROs and school administrators nationwide.  I would appreciate the opportunity to increase my leadership in this organization by lending my experience and enthusiasm for school safety to NASRO and my fellow SROs.