Host Training


The local host serves as a liaison to NASRO, provides the training facility with AV equipment, assist with promoting the training and other local logistical arrangements. NASRO processes all the registration and payments; provides all training supplies and shipment of same; and provides quality NASRO certified instructor(s). Agencies will need to communicate with the NASRO instructor and NASRO staff to ensure everything is prepared for the training. Agencies are encouraged, but not mandated, to provide a light breakfast and breaks. Agencies that host a NASRO training will receive one comp registration for every ten paying attendees, which greatly reduces the cost of training for a department.

NASRO also asks that the local host assists in promoting the training at the local and regional level. This can be accomplished through word-of-mouth, e-groups, social media, mailings, regional meetings, and other forms of communication to agencies in the area. NASRO will promote the training on the NASRO website and mass training newsletters emails.

NASRO requires a minimum of 10 students to hold a Basic, Advanced, or SSO course.  School CPTED, Supervisors and Management, and Effective Internet Safety Presentations require a minimum of 15 students.

The Advanced SRO course requires a school visit and the host will need to coordinate this with the course instructor.

Hosting the School CPTED Course

The School CPTED Course is conducted a two different venues. The host agency is expected to secure both sites.

The required facilities for the course are:

1. Classroom: The classroom should have enough capacity to seat the participants comfortably for the duration of the course. The classroom will need to be available for the entire three days of the course. The room should have seats for at least 40 students.

2. School Building: The day of training will involve an actual CPTED evaluation of a school environment.   Participants will need access to an occupied school during this portion of the training.

Hosting the Effective Internet Safety Presentations Course

This course must be held in a computer laboratory. A high school computer laboratory is NOT an appropriate setting due to the social networking filters in place. Any college level or library would be a fitting host site. The host must download two programs vital for the flow of the course: The Search Investigative Tool Bar and the software SNAG-IT designed by, which will be provided by BSC and licensed to the hosting site or two days prior to the class, a free trial may be downloaded to the computer systems.   Local host will need to be available for communications with the course instructor to discuss logistics and properly preparing the computer laboratory.


NASRO Host Packet (For Basic, Advanced, and SSO Courses)

CPTED Host Packet

Effective Internet Safety Presentation Host Packet



All remaining NASRO Courses are typically offered only at our annual conference or on a contract bases. If you would like information regarding hosting any other NASRO course, please contact our Training Director or call 888.316.2776.  If you have a large number of people to train, please contact our office regarding a reduced training rate.